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Mary Ann Fitzgerald

Associate Director – Editorial and Production

Mary Ann leads InterMedia’s day-to-day editorial, design and production activities. She ensures clients receive high quality reports and presentations, and provides strategic input on the dissemination of research, including identifying and implementing print and online dissemination channels.  She also contributes to InterMedia’s external communication and marketing efforts.

Mary Ann has extensive experience in communications, with a specialization in publications management. Prior to joining InterMedia, she spent 15 years as an independent communications consultant developing and implementing print strategies, messaging and content for diverse audiences, and writing and editing print and online content for associations, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. She was managing editor of a nationally distributed donor magazine with a circulation of 500,000, overseeing all creative, editorial and production activities.

During her time as a consultant, Mary Ann also worked closely with a Washington, D.C.–based public affairs agency for five years, providing print and online publications services to agency clients, including Homes for Working and the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG). She worked with the NCRG leadership to develop and execute communications strategies to raise awareness on disordered gambling, including editing and managing the production of a research monograph series and a research guide for media.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Colorado State University.

Mary Ann is based in InterMedia’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Xiaoyan Hu

Quantitative Research Analyst

Working with the data analysis team, Xiaoyan is responsible for ensuring data integrity across InterMedia’s research projects. She implements all quality control measures using advanced statistical data analysis and quantitative methods, and develops computational models to extract significant insights from the data.

She uses a variety of programming languages to develop analytical procedures to assure data quality, harmonize diverse data sources across multiple studies, and derive informative conclusions with solid statistical evidence. She is involved in multiple research projects, including the Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) program, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the Harvard Opinion Research Program (HORP) at the Harvard School of Public Health, and the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) program.

She earned a master’s degree in Science in Statistics at the Columbian College of Art and Science, the George Washington University, with a concentration in data analysis and statistical modeling. She is a native Chinese speaker.

Xiaoyan is based in InterMedia’s Washington D.C. headquarters.

Lucy Kaaria

Consultant – Kenya

Lucy provides InterMedia’s Africa office with expertise in quality assurance and control for both quantitative and qualitative research projects. She is currently applying her quality control experience at the field level and data processing stages for both the Financial Inclusion Tracker Survey (FITS), a multi-country research initiative, and the Financial Inclusion Insights projects (FII), in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. FII is a multi-year, multi-country research program focusing on mobile money and digital financial inclusion; both FITS and FII are being conducted on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  At InterMedia, Lucy has applied her analytical skills, developed through her extensive work in media and communication, and health research projects.

Prior to joining InterMedia, Lucy worked as an HIV prevention officer at Feed the Children – Kenya. For more than five years she worked with international non-governmental organizations honing her expertise in fieldwork implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of programs targeting people at the bottom of the pyramid.

She holds a master’s degree in Population Studies from the University of Nairobi.

Lucy works out of InterMedia’s Nairobi office.

Xi Meng

Quantitative Research Analyst

Xi is a recent arrival to InterMedia having just completed her Master of Science degree in Statistics at the Columbian College of Art and Science, George Washington University, with a concentration on data analysis and statistical modeling. Xi also holds an undergraduate degree in Financial Mathematics from Henan University. Xi will be using her extensive background in statistics and financial analysis integral to much of the data collection undertaken by InterMedia. Xi has an outstanding statistical background with a GPA of 3.9 throughout her graduate program and has proven ability in classic Inferential Statistics, Stochastic Process, and Financial Modeling. Xi has a rich quantitative research background having undertaken coursework and internships in Data Analysis and Statistical Modeling, and is able to complete research project work efficiently and effectively with minimal supervision. Xi has acquired considerable experience over the last few years in various techniques, which include Regression Models, Classification, Components and Factor Analysis, Time Series Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation. Xi has over 8 years’ experience working with various programs including SAS programming (with an SAS base certification), R, Matlab, and SPSS. Xi is also familiar with C, SQL query.

Xi is based in InterMedia’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

David Musiime

Research Consultant – Uganda

As one of our long standing staff and consultants in InterMedia’s Nairobi office, David is responsible for designing and delivering research projects, including project management, sub-contractor management, intuitive analysis, client reporting and insight development. David is currently working on the Financial Inclusion Insights Program which aims at filling knowledge gaps for Financial Inclusion stakeholders by providing fundamental data about trends in access and use of digital financial services through rigorous, nationally representative surveys and targeted qualitative research studies.

David has a strong background in research, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and has developed and managed a number of M&E systems for different projects across the East Africa region, and Sierra Leone. He has lived and worked in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Sierra Leone where he has commissioned and conducted research.

Before joining InterMedia, David was head of research and learning for BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone where he led in-country research for DFID’s Global Grant. Under BBC, David also carried out research on agriculture and climate change communication, governance, human rights and transitional justice in various countries in East and West Africa.

David is Ugandan, completed graduate studies in project planning and management and under graduate studies in social sciences.

David is based in Uganda and covers Africa.

Mamadou Thiam

Senior Associate Director – Methodology

Mamadou Thiam joined InterMedia in June 2014, bringing with him 18 years of experience in statistical data collection and analysis for organizations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, the World Bank, ICF International and Mayo Clinic.

At InterMedia, Mamadou currently coordinates technical support and manages the mobilization of human resources across multiple countries to ensure the timely collection of high quality data for the Harvard Opinion Research Program (HORP) for UNICEF.  The HORP program has been conducting KAP polls on polio and routine immunization in several countries including Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  As an experienced data analyst, Mamadou is very well versed in the use of statistical software packages and is able to summarize and present complex statistical and analytical information in clear and accessible formats.

In addition to his extensive expertise in statistical analysis, Mamadou has significant experience in designing and managing the implementation of multi-country household and school surveys in developing countries. Over his career, he has also honed his skills in survey sampling, questionnaire design and survey fieldwork.

Mamadou is fluent in French and English, and has a master’s degree in statistics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Mamadou is based in InterMedia’s Washington D.C. headquarters.

Charles Wanga

Consultant – Kenya

As a senior research associate and consultant, Charles is responsible for project management, including developing quantitative and qualitative research instruments and producing high quality client reports; he also provides input for new business initiatives. Charles is currently working on InterMedia’s Financial Inclusion Insights (FII) Program on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. FII aims to fill knowledge gaps for financial inclusion stakeholders by providing fundamental data about trends in access and use of digital financial services through rigorous, nationally representative surveys and targeted qualitative research studies in eight countries. Charles’ focus is on FII’s African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda. His recent survey management work in Tanzania included a mobile money network interoperability study.

Charles has extensive experience in data processing and analysis, consumer insights formulation,  client reporting and presentation development for both quantitative and qualitative studies. He has over six years of market research experience and has managed research projects for various clients in multiple African countries.  Prior to joining InterMedia, Charles served as the market research executive at Kenya Airways Limited, a leading African airline. He has also worked as a research executive at Millward Brown (East Africa), a global advertising, marketing communications, media, digital and brand equity research company.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (Statistics) from the University of Nairobi

Charles works out of InterMedia’s Nairobi office.

InterMedia Advisors & Consultants

Ambassador Brian E. Carlson (ret.)

Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy

An experienced public diplomacy specialist and a former Career Minister in the United States Foreign Service, Ambassador Carlson advises InterMedia on its projects in the strategic communication and public diplomacy space. For the past three years, as the State Department’s liaison with the Department of Defense on strategic communication and public diplomacy, he engineered closer cooperation between diplomats and military officers.

Ambassador Carlson was awarded the Joint Meritorious Civilian Service Award by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in May 2010. He served 36 years in the Foreign Service, including as the ambassador to the Republic of Latvia from 2001 to 2005. Other postings abroad took him to Spain, England, Norway, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and Venezuela. Ambassador Carlson has led inspection teams for the inspector general in the Middle East and Washington, D.C., and was an author of the 2008 Defense Science Board study of public diplomacy and strategic communication.

He is a director of the Public Diplomacy Council, the U.S. Baltic Foundation and the Mountain Runner Institute. Frequently, he speaks on public policy matters at the National Defense University, the Air and Army War Colleges, and the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, and before public and civic groups.

Ambassador Carlson works from Florida & out of InterMedia’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Timothy Cooper

Consultant – Technical Advisor

Most recently Tim has moved to a part-time position with InterMedia as a Technical Advisor and Consultant working closely with the Executive Team across a range of InterMedia’s key projects, most notable of which are the Gates Financial Inclusion Insights projects and the Harvard Opinion Research Program/UNICEF projects.  As InterMedia’s former Director of Research, Tim led research and evaluation programs for a range of government, foundation and NGO clients. He specializes in the design and application of rigorous and actionable research and evaluation strategies that make the best use of qualitative, quantitative, and emergent digital and mobile methodologies and analytical tools. Underpinning Tim’s work is his belief that high quality research should inform decision-making, deliver real value, and be respecting of the cultures and contexts that we work in.

Tim has experience directing research and evaluation projects throughout Africa and Asia focused on media for development and peace building; financial inclusion through mobile; and the developmental evaluation of innovative digital knowledge-sharing platforms.  Tim also brings expertise in designing research to inform and evaluate multi-channel behavioral change strategies that utilize traditional, mobile and social media platforms.

Prior to joining InterMedia, Tim spent six years working within the Research & Learning Group at BBC Media Action where he directed the formative and summative research and evaluation strategies for English in Action in Bangladesh – an initiative to engage all Bangladeshis in English language learning through mobile phone and multi-media innovation. He oversaw the financial and operational management of BBC Media Action’s team of 50 international researchers. Tim also has experience providing commercially focused market analysis and insight in advertising, international leisure and tourism, computer gaming and environmental sustainability sectors. He holds a Joint Honors degree in Applied Psychology and Sociology from the University of Surrey, U.K.

Tim works out of London on behalf of InterMedia.

Imran Khan

Senior Research Officer, Pakistan

Imran is InterMedia’s country lead for Pakistan under the Financial Inclusion Insights research program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Imran supports InterMedia’s DC based Country Manager by leading and participating in local partner training sessions pre-fieldwork, overseeing fieldwork implementation and quality control and he also participates with our team at local events and conferences organized by InterMedia and our partners and stakeholders. Imran also works with InterMedia on other Pakistan based projects providing additional support and expertise across a wide range of subject matter and sectors.

Prior to joining InterMedia, Imran led several survey and evaluation projects for USAID and DFID. Additionally, he has helped the State Bank of Pakistan with drafting official bank documents for public release. Mr. Khan received his master’s degree in public administration/international development from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a Master of Science degree from Quaid I Azam University in Economics.

Imran is based in Pakistan.

Caroline Kartini Mangowal, PhD

Senior Research Officer, Indonesia

Caroline is InterMedia’s country lead in Jakarta, Indonesia under the Financial Inclusion Insights research program funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Caroline supports InterMedia in Indonesia and works alongside our DC based Indonesia country lead.  Caroline leads and participates in local partner training sessions pre-fieldwork, oversees fieldwork implementation and real-time quality control checking and participates with our DC based country manager at local events and conferences organized by InterMedia and/or by our key stakeholders.  Caroline also works with InterMedia on other related assignments in Indonesia and supports our business development team with our Indonesia based opportunities.

Caroline is a microfinance research specialist with experience conducting numerous multi-methodology research assignments across Indonesia. Her skills and knowledge in the field was founded from her experience managing urban poor microfinance project, monitoring and evaluation post tsunami program, institutional development consultants and research manager for microfinance consulting company.   Her experience conducting microfinance related research includes various research projects on agriculture financing and digital financial services. More recently she is involved in country wide research on Loan and Savings Cooperative and Partial Credit Guarantee program.

Caroline’s 18 years work on microfinance in Indonesia includes employment and consulting in International Non-Government Organizations (ADRA, and Mercy Corps), local and international microfinance consulting institution (MICRA and MicroSave). Since 2014 she consults for The World Bank as microfinance specialist conducting research contributing to microfinance policy makers in Indonesia.

Caroline is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Anastasia Mirzoyants-McKnight, PhD

Consultant – Africa

Anastasia’s expertise includes in-depth knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, theories of measurement, and mixed-method and mixed-mode research. Her areas of focus include media-related perceptions and behaviors, digital media research (including online social media platforms), and mobile money uptake in developing countries. She lead’s InterMedia’s work on the Gates Foundation’s Financial Inclusion Tracker Survey (FITS), a three-year panel study in Uganda, Pakistan and Tanzania. In addition to the United States, Anastasia has worked in nearly 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

She has more than 10 years of experience managing large-scale research projects and more than six years of expertise in public opinion research. Prior to joining InterMedia in 2009, Anastasia held several executive positions at media corporations in Russia and at a Survey Research Lab at the University of Toledo Urban Affairs Center.

Anastasia has presented her work at more than 20 research conferences and co-authored several articles for peer-reviewed journals. She has been interviewed or appeared as a guest speaker on several television programs devoted to media research, including Al-Jazeera’s “The Stream,” Civilnet TV, as well as CVC Media radio station, broadcasted in 34 countries in Africa.

She holds a doctoral degree in Educational Sociology with a minor in Research and Measurement from the University of Toledo, Ohio.

Anastasia works out of InterMedia’s Nairobi office.

Nathaniel Kretchun

Consultant – Asia Advisor

Nat previously oversaw quantitative and qualitative research projects with a particular focus on Asia and hard-to-access populations. He designed, managed and analyzed studies ranging from large scale representative national surveys of China to qualitative studies examining digital communication patterns among Uyghur populations. Nat has done extensive research with North Korean refugees and defectors and is the co-author of A Quiet Opening, North Koreans in a Changing Media Environment, a groundbreaking study conducted on behalf of the Department of State, of the use and effects of foreign media on North Koreans.

Nat holds a master’s degree in international economics and China/Korea studies from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Oklahoma. He has also studied at a Yonsei University in Seoul and Fudan University in Shanghai. He speaks Korean and Mandarin Chinese.

Nat is based in Washington, D.C. and works out of InterMedia’s Washington D.C. Headquarters

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