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Who we are

Researchers by Profession, humanitarians at heart

InterMedia is a global research consultancy that partners with mission-driven organizations seeking to make an impact in people’s lives around the world. We give clients the data and tools they need to help them understand, engage and positively impact the key groups and societies they care about. InterMedia offers a full range of research and analysis, consulting, and fieldwork management and training services to strengthen development initiatives, measure social investments and enhance consumer engagement.

We go anywhere. Although best known for our ability to conduct research in challenging environments and developing countries, our reach is truly global. Our quantitative and qualitative research and mixed-method evaluations have engaged over 2 million respondents in more than 120 countries. We work with dozens of in-country partners and support local capacity building as part of our commitment to imparting sustainable skills for employment and economic development.

How We Help Our Clients

Custom Research Design and Implementation
Employing tailored surveys and qualitative evaluation methods that ask the right questions – our national surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews and targeted studies create clarity out of complexity; resulting in actionable insight for our clients.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Behavior Assessments
Providing data- and insight-driven research based on understanding the views and habits of populations around the world, particularly in challenging or sensitive environments.

Studies of Hard-to-Reach Populations
Implementing research and evaluation methods reaching urban, rural and remote communities, those at the bottom of the pyramid, and populations in fragile states and conflict or post-conflict areas.

Impact and Performance Evaluations
Facilitating evidence-based decision-making through customized, multi-method research strategies—we provide the insights and analysis needed to measure the impact of policies, programs and investments.

Audience Measurement and Analysis
Exploring information needs, and providing insights on media habits and issues—we measure media access and use, consumption habits, television, radio and internet usage patterns, and the role new technologies and social media play in audience engagement.

Research Specialties

•  Financial Inclusion

•  Digital Inclusion

•  Social and Civic Inclusion (e.g., gender, youth, governance)

•  Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviors

•  Media Audience and Impact Studies

•  Program Evaluation

•  Investment Impact Analysis

What We Value

•  Action-oriented analysis

•  Our clients’ missions

•  Partnerships

•  Data accuracy based on rigorous quality control

•  Creative and cost-effective research solutions

•  Timeliness

Working with InterMedia

InterMedia partners with a variety of mission-driven organizations that want to make a positive impact. These include governments, NGOs, international and multinational organizations, development banks, foundations, nonprofit organizations and private companies.

We help clients understand the impact of their programs, policies, messages and investments

Selected InterMedia Projects

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Financial Inclusion Insights (FII)

The FII research program produces in-depth survey data and practical knowledge on demand-side trends in digital financial services (DFS) use in eight countries in Africa
and Asia. FII research is supported by the Financial Services for the Poor program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. InterMedia’s FII team conducts annual, nationally representative surveys in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda, and targeted studies on issues such as women’s access to DFS and digitization of bulk payments. FII statistics and metrics on DFS usage are widely cited within the financial inclusion sector. FII data, reports and insights are available at

UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P)

The MM4P program at UNCDF takes an ecosystem approach to fostering DFS markets in some of the
world’s poorest nations. InterMedia is a research partner supporting MM4P’s expansion to Benin, Senegal and Zambia. InterMedia is conducting tracking surveys and targeted research on gender disparities in DFS use, the dynamics of shifting from over-the-counter to registered
DFS use, and the potential for leveraging microfinance
institutions to expand DFS.

Harvard Opinion Research Program Advancing Health Communications—Polio

InterMedia is working with the Harvard Opinion Research Program (HORP) at the Harvard School of Public Health to investigate current knowledge and perceptions about polio and the polio vaccine among parents and other caregivers of children under 5 years of age.

The projects currently include polling in health zones in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria—the three countries
in the world where polio remains endemic—and India. Research in Somalia and the DRC is completed. InterMedia’s insights from this research will help stakeholders communicate with parents and caregivers about polio prevention, and will help in the design of successful immunization strategies.

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Information Programs Advancing Public Diplomacy Impact

InterMedia undertook a groundbreaking multi-method assessment of the impact of the full range of public diplomacy initiatives in seven countries (Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco and Turkey).
InterMedia’s study developed new measures of the effectiveness of the State Department’s activities and identified new strategic population segments for the State Department
to engage.

USAID Academy for Educational Development and Equal Access Peace Through Development Program

InterMedia conducted an impact assessment of radio programs in Chad and Niger, under this USAID program, aimed at reducing conflict, violence and terrorist activity. The assessment analyzed the extent to which exposure to the radio programs influenced attitudes and behavior among specific target groups, and provided important feedback for improving program content and relevance.



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