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Other Financial Inclusion Projects

Since 2010, InterMedia has been providing strategic knowledge and market measurement to a variety of stakeholders in financial inclusion, based on rigorous demand-side research. The focus is on understanding mobile and digital landscapes on one hand, and the financial habits, needs and priorities of target populations on the other.

Here are a few recent projects conducted by InterMedia:

Understanding the Mobile Landscape

In many developing countries, knowledge about access and usage of mobile devices generally – and mobile financial services in particular – is often in short supply. Mobile operators and regulators may lack the resources to collect such information. InterMedia applies its research and analytical expertise to fill in knowledge gaps.

See a case study of our work in Haiti.

Informing Commercial and Product Development

It is one thing to come up with a technologically feasible mobile financial product. It is quite another to make sure that marketing and distribution channels effectively incite people to use the service. InterMedia employs a range of interlinking user-focused research techniques to provide a 360-degree view of the consumer experience and identify triggers and barriers to usage.

See a case study of this work from Tanzania.

Gauging Impact

Do mobile financial services improve people’s lives? Proponents of financial inclusion are eager to know whether their efforts are having a positive impact on the welfare of households and individuals. Determining this requires looking at the effects of usage over time and taking account of other factors influencing people’s well-being.

See our work on the FITS project.


InterMedia’s clients in financial inclusion:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Better Than Cash Alliance


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