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Financial Inclusion Insights Program

Putting the User Front and Center

Welcome to Financial Inclusion Insights Resource Center. FII is a research and knowledge-sharing partnership between InterMedia and the Financial Services for the Poor program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The FII Resource Center provides original data, analysis and insights on trends in mobile money and other digital financial services, with a focus on how people access and use these services – particularly those at the bottom of the economic pyramid.  

The FII research program covers eight countries in Africa and Asia at different stages of digital financial services development. Some are at a relatively early stage but show strong potential to grow sustainably, while others are more advanced and show strong potential to develop.


FII’s Mission: Filling Knowledge Gaps for Financial Inclusion Stakeholders

Global interest in providing mobile and digital financial services (DFS) to people in developing countries has exploded since the launch in 2007 of Kenya’s pioneering M-PESA mobile money transfer product. Such services are now available in nearly 80 countries worldwide, opening doors to financial inclusion for millions of people.

But there is much to learn about how to tailor DFS to meet the needs of users – particularly smaller businesses and those at the bottom of the pyramid who could benefit from having safe, efficient and affordable ways to manage financial resources.

There is also a lack of fundamental data about trends in access and use to such services that focus on the demand side of the market equation. FII’s mission is to fill these critical knowledge gaps through rigorous, nationally representative surveys of individuals and targeted qualitative research studies.