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George W. Bush Institute & InterMedia: Education & Employment Among U.S.-Based North Koreans

Between March and May of 2016, InterMedia, under funding from the George W. Bush Institute, conducted 20 in-depth interviews with North Koreans living in the United States. The research was commissioned to gain a better understanding of the educational and employment challenges North Korean refugees face, and what opportunities are available to help them overcome …

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More information on this case study coming soon.

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We’re doing the Orange D4D challenge

InterMedia researchers are taking part in the Orange D4D Challenge, analysing 2.5 billion calls and text messages exchanged between 5 million anonymous users. Orange “Data for Development” – D4D – is an open data challenge, encouraging research teams around the world to use four datasets of anonymous call patterns of Orange’s Ivory Coast subsidiary, to help …

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Social Entrepreneurship Landscape on Twitter (#SocEnt analysis)

Terms Links Users Users: Total Tweets Users: Followers Users: Following   Twitter has become a valuable source of public data to understand the patterns of communication among participants in certain communities. Depending on the level of community discussion, this can quickly lead to a large corpus of data. To glean actionable insights about volume and …

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How big is our world?

Since at least the time of Eratosthenes, around 200 BC, people have been trying to find ways of measuring the size of our world. Today, the question is not so much the size of the physical world but that of the digital environments to which people have access. As Ben Hammersley put it, the internet …

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