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Consumer Behaviors in Zambia

InterMedia conducted secondary research analysis of the 2015 FinScope study of Zambian adults. FinScope Zambia is a nationally representative survey of adults, age 16 and older. A total of 8,579 adults were surveyed during February-March 2015. Interviews were conducted face to face, and interviews were approximately 45 minutes long. The purpose of this assessment is …

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A (Private) Public Space – Examining the Use & Impact of Digital & Social Media Among Adolescents in Kenya

This report focuses on the findings of a study among adolescents across four locations in Kenya conducted by InterMedia in 2013.    The study was commissioned by UNICEF with the objective of understanding how young people, aged 12-17, in Kenya are using social media and digital technologies, and what risks and opportunities this presents for …

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Mobile Money: Use, Barriers & Opportunities – 2013 Year-End Report

Highlights from Wave One of the Financial Inclusion Tracker Surveys (FITS) in Pakistan, Uganda and Tanzania In 2012, InterMedia launched the three-year Financial Inclusion Tracker Surveys Project (FITS) in Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda.  The project, commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,  features annual panel-based surveys conducted on a national scale.  An analysis of the survey …

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Pakistan Mini Survey 3

This report is part of a broader project to monitor the uptake, use and market potential of mobile money (m-money) services. As part of this project, three mini-surveys are conducted between waves one and two, and waves two and three of the study. This report presents findings from the third mini-survey of the first wave …

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Independent Media in Exile: A Baseline Consultation

Repression of a free media is increasing worldwide. In 2011, the year of the Arab Spring and large scale street protests, the number of reporters killed rose by 16% to 66, arrests almost doubled, with attacks and threats to journalists up by 43% and kidnappings up by a third. There was also a 10% increase …

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