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Effects of Demonetization on Financial Inclusion in India

Today marks the one year anniversary of demonetization in India. As we look back and look ahead, what does the data say about its impact on financial inclusion in in India? InterMedia recently concluded a study measuring financial inclusion in India before and after demonetization among the same group of 1,600 randomly selected individuals in …

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Opportunities Abound: Zambian Consumers Want and Need Digital Financial Services

By Colleen Learch, InterMedia and Nandini Harihareswara, UNCDF-MM4P  February 24 , 2016 Lusaka, ZAMBIA – Zambia, a country rich in natural resources, holds the potential to be a hotbed for digital financial service growth. The macroeconomics bring challenges to all of its citizens as inflation, currency fluctuation, and changing energy prices are having immediate impacts on …

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Consumer Behaviors in Zambia

InterMedia conducted secondary research analysis of the 2015 FinScope study of Zambian adults. FinScope Zambia is a nationally representative survey of adults, age 16 and older. A total of 8,579 adults were surveyed during February-March 2015. Interviews were conducted face to face, and interviews were approximately 45 minutes long. The purpose of this assessment is …

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Assessing the Potential for Mobile Money in a Crisis Country: Haiti

Countries: Haiti Challenge In January 2010, a powerful earthquake in Haiti caused massive suffering and physical damage, including the destruction of about one-third of the country’s bank branches. Cash management became a critical issue for citizens, prompting USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to stimulate the creation of mobile money services through the …

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Understanding the Consumer Market for Mobile Money Services

Countries: Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda Challenge Global interest in delivering financial services over mobile devices has exploded since the launch in 2007 of the pioneering M-PESA money transfer platform in Kenya.  There is still much to learn about the financial needs of the world’s poor and the best ways to meet them. To do so, the …

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