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Consumer Behaviors in Zambia

February 29, 2016

InterMedia conducted secondary research analysis of the 2015 FinScope study of Zambian adults. FinScope Zambia is a nationally representative survey of adults, age 16 and older. A total of 8,579 adults were surveyed during February-March 2015. Interviews were conducted face to face, and interviews were approximately 45 minutes long. The purpose of this assessment is ...

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April 22, 2015

InterMedia is hosting the following event on Thursday May 7, 2015 from 8.30am to 11.30 am. Please join us as we unveil the results of our cutting-edge, demand-side research on digital financial services within eight of the poorest countries across Africa and Asia. Please see the invitation for more details. To register for the event click here or ...

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Mobile money in Peru: Assessing the opportunity

February 18, 2015

Mobile money in Peru:  Assessing the opportunity This new qualitative study conducted by InterMedia identifies specific pain points in the daily financial lives of consumers in Peru, and provides insights into the experiences of social payment beneficiaries of the Juntos programme, a conditional cash transfer initiative for mothers living in extreme poverty. As discussed in a ...

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Mobile Money Interoperability and Mobile Money Users: Who Stands to Benefit?

September 20, 2014

In June 2014, Tanzania’s Tigo, Airtel and Zantel announced an agreement to launch mobile money interoperability. Last week, interoperable services went live, although, thus far, only between Tigo and Airtel: Subscribers of the two mobile money networks can now send and receive money between their mobile money wallets ( Among the conversation on how this ...

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India – Financial Services & Digital Pathways

September 20, 2014

The latest edition in the reports from InterMedia on Financial Inclusion Insights globally.  This report focuses on Financial Services and Digital Pathways and presents a comparison of the nationally representative FII Tracker Survey of 45,024 Indian adults with FII surveys conducted in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh The report can be accessed directly by clicking on this link ...

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